Idle-RPG Fantasy Tales Coming Soon in Southeast Asia

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Fantasy Tales (not to be confused with Fantasy Tales Online), is an action-RPG developed by Korean company, Captains. In this mobile game, two goddesses are at war with each other–the Goddess of Creation, Ditne, and the Goddess of Destruction, Lakstia.

It is an explosive idle-RPG with jaw dropping character designs and combat system that provides astonishing gameplay. Idle-RPGs gained popularity for gamers who are now in the workforce, Fantasy Tales is definitely one idle-gamers must add in their list.

It is a new concept RPG with simple, easy customisation, growth, collection, and strategy. Players climb their way high as they obtain different reincarnation stones that can make their hero destroy all the demons relentlessly and repel the demons of Lakstia, the Goddess of Destruction. As it is an idle RPG, the hero will play by itself even if one is occupied.

Game Features

  • Graphics and design: Unique character designs and action oriented combat system
  • Hero list: Form your team by choosing the right combination for your Party
  • Arena: Fight your way in the Arena on becoming the best of the best
  • Idle gameplay: Your account continuously proceeds with every stage even with just running in background mode
  • Rebirt: Rebirth your account to reach higher goals

The International version is available via Google Play and like the official Facebook Page.

Idle-RPG Fantasy Tales Coming Soon in Southeast Asia
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Idle-RPG Fantasy Tales Coming Soon in Southeast Asia
Fantasy Tales, an idle action mobile RPG from Korean developer, Captains, is coming soon in Southeast Asia!

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