Fantasy Sports Spo-Bit is now Live!

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The wait is over for Fantasy Sports lovers and lovers of sports all around the world! Spo-Bit is now live and ready to go! Get your daily fill of daily fantasy sports and more! Check out the website:, for the contests you may be interested in. Hop in and register,invite your friends, and compete daily in online betting. For a limited time there is a special event going on; all new registrants will get 10 Gold (1 Gold = 1 USD) for FREE! And for every Gold purchase, you will get 100% more Gold bonus for FREE! Enjoy the New Improved Interface,and easy Log-In with Facebook.

The league available for now is the NBA. More are in the works and set to come, even esports will be part of the Spo-Bit arsenal (not that Arsenal). Get ready to feel the sensation of dropping that buzzer beater, hitting that home run, scoring the game-winning touchdown, netting that last minute goal, and carrying your team to victory. Make all your dreams come true. So shoot some fantastical hoops and thicken your digital wallet! The sky’s the limit here!

You have never seen Fantasy Sports like this before. Keep in mind that it is not gambling, but it is rather a game of skill — which means it’s not about blind luck. It is your choices that will decide whether you win or lose, choose wisely, and win big! What are you waiting for? Join the game! It won’t just be the pros earning from their games anymore. Soon,you will, too.

Key features

  • Largest Sign-up Bonus!
  • Win Fantasy Sports contests daily.
  • Highest Payout! Multiple Winners in a single match!
  • Highly interactive and easy-to-join contests!
  • Stay updated with latest sports news, scores, and rankings!

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Spo-Bit Facebook Page:

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Fantasy Sports Spo-Bit is now Live!
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Fantasy Sports Spo-Bit is now Live!
After a long and thorough beta, Aman International's fantasy sports & fantasy eSports game, Spo-Bit, is now available for all team managers.

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