Fair Weather Studios has announced an all-new standalone expansion to sci-fi turn-based strategy Ancient Frontier. Ancient Frontier: Steel Shadows
is a complete standalone experience; it will not require players to own
the original game and will include the two free DLC’s ‘The Crew’ and
Quests and Events’. Steel Shadows will be coming to Steam in Q4 2018.

The new ‘expandalone’ will feature a fully-fledged single player campaign with over 20 main story missions and more than 50 procedurally generated side missions. The focus this time is on the dreaded pirates of the game’s universe with players taking the role of Rogan Harker, a recently freed convict who heads to the frontier to start a new life, only to try and break free of the Federation’s thumb once more as he heads up a ragtag band of pirates and outlaws.

“The team at Fair Weather are very excited to announce Steel
Shadows. We took a lot of feedback from Ancient Frontier and have
created a more streamlined game that takes the best of Ancient Frontier
and makes it even better. We are also pleased to be expanding the
universe and lore of the franchise and giving players a glimpse further
into the game world we have created.”
Said developer Christian Mosbo.

To lead a crew of mercenaries, you will be required to hire a crew and
assign and post them to positions on the ship. These crew members level
up as the ship gains experience from successful missions. Steel Shadows will give you access to the pirate ships seen in the original Ancient Frontier, leaving players the opportunity to form their own pirate space fleets and fight for treasure and glory.

Ancient Frontier: Steel Shadows will be available on Steam in Q4 2018 for $14.99 USD. Players can wishlist the game now.

Key Features

  • A full campaign with over 20 story missions
  • Over 50 procedurally generated side missions
  • Dynamic initiative-based turn-based combat 
  • Purchase, outfit, and control the unique pirate faction ships
  • Hire and assign crew members that gain experience and power along with your ships
  • Hire unique mercenaries and ships to add to your fleet
  • Experience over 50 random events
  • Customize your play style by unlocking technologies in an extensive Tech Tree 
  • Large, detailed maps to fight across space
  • Three different strategic resources to manage
  • Dozens of different weapon systems and abilities to control
  • Includes both free DLCs; Ancient Frontier – The Crew and Ancient Frontier – Quests and Events

Fair Weather Studios Reveal 'Expandalone' for Ancient Frontier
Article Name
Fair Weather Studios Reveal 'Expandalone' for Ancient Frontier
Hire your crew of pirates and take to the vast expanse in turn-based sci-fi RPG Ancient Frontier Steel Shadows

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