Facebook announced their 2016 Games of the Year and in the Instant Games section, Endless Lake was one of three chosen by Facebook. According to the developer, Spil Games, there are 12 million players of Endless Lake in the first three weeks of Facebook Instant Games.

Endless Lake has frequently been at the very top (by number of game plays) in the first three weeks of Facebook Instant Games, consistenly in the top two with the legendary Pac-Man. “We’re immensely proud to have been recognised by Facebook,” says Tung Nguyen-Khac, Spil Games’ CEO. “The figures for our game are amazing when you consider this is still a new concept for many players. It’s awesome to see Endless Lake performing so well among such famous names.”

From November 29th to December 21st, Endless Lake was played 33 million times and had 12 million unique users. “If the uptake on Endless Lake is replicated across all the Instant Games, then this could be huge,” says Tung. “The figure speak for themselves.”

Here are additional figures from Spil Games

  • Unique users: 12 million
  • DAU: 540,000
  • Game views: 33 million
  • Average Pageviews per User: 5.3
  • Top Countries, Devices, and Operating Systems
    • United States: 31.20%; Mobile: 93%; iOS: 56%
    • United Kingdom: 17%; Desktop 7%; Android 44%
    • France: 11.80%
    • Canada: 7.90%
    • Australia: 5.10%

If you have not played Endless Lake yet, it is time for you to check why it Facebook chose them as one of three of the Best Game of the Year for Instant Games.

  • Instant Games on Facebook News Feed
    • Mobile: Requires Android 5+ or iOS 8+, with the latest version of the Facebook mobile app
    • Desktop: Any browser, visit Facebook’s News Feed
  • Instant Games on Facebook Messenger
    • Mobile: Requires Android 5+ or iOS 8+, with the latest version of the Facebook Messenger mobile app
    • Desktop: Messenger.com or Facebook.com chatheads, available in any browser

You can play and follow Endless Lake here.

Together with Endless Lake, these two Instant Games were also chosen in the Best Instant Games category of Facebook’s 2016 Games of the Year awards:

  • Everwing by Blackstorm — Crash through lines of monsters as you evolve your fairies, add dragons, and unlock quests. Everwing proves that file size does not limit the fun in this new game experience.
  • Hex FRVR by FRVR — Easy to play and hard to master, this fun engaging relaxing puzzle game does not use time limits but progression and patience to entertain users on messenger.
    Endless Lake Named Best Instant Games
    Article Name
    Endless Lake Named Best Instant Games
    Endless Lake has frequently been the most played game since Instant Games launched, and has never been out of the top two.

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