Elite Games Expo Showcased Nine Mobile Games in the Philippines

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Elite Games, Inc. and the Gyeonggi Content Agency (GCA) launched a total of nine (9) games in the Philippines in the recently held Elite Games Expo at SM City North EDSA’s Cyberzone. Gamers of all ages were able to play the games, meet the GameMasters, join challenging yet exciting games, and jam with The Juans.

Gyeonggi Content Agency is a government agency which represents Gyeonggi, South Korea in partnering and promoting games made from the province. Last December, GCA announced their partnership with Elite Games, Inc., a leading premier service provider in the Philippines, to bring in games to the country as well as the rest of the ASEAN region.

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The first fruit of this partnership brings in nine (9) new mobile games from Gyeonggi, South Korea, which were introduced during the Elite Games Expo. GameMasters were on the event to assist gamers while they try all 9 games first-hand for the first time.

Through the Elite Games Expo, EGI and GCA will continually promote new games not only in the Philippines but to the rest of the ASEAN region. In line with the vision they shared during the Philippine-Korea Video Game Cooperation Conference, they are looking forward to working with game developers in the region as well as promote the industry to new generation of gamers who would want to create their own games.

The 9 Games

Aero Blaster

Aero Blaster (not to be confused with the retro Aero Blasters) is a simple and fun aerial combat mobile game. For gamers who were already playing since 1987 (like yours truly), Aero Blaster is like playing the Nintendo Family Computer game called 1942 and 1943 but without a vertical-scrolling restriction.

In this game, players pilot a propeller aircraft and shoot down enemy planes and zeppelins. New aircrafts and upgrades can be purchased to make your character more powerful and increase your chance of survival in dogfights. The game will soon be available and an online multiplayer option is in development.

Of all the 9 games presented, Aero Blaster was one of the crowd favourite for its simplicity and fun. Any mobile unit can run this game and enjoy blasting everything that flies and become the lord of skies!

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Clan & Conquest

Clan & Conquest is a strategy game with a clan system that combines forces to grow into powerful clans to conquer other clans and the world. Players can instantly deploy heroes and minions for a quick PvP match. The game currently offers two other modes, Exploration Mode and Pillage Mode, where heroes and can gain more experience and loot more wealth. With a simple yet beautiful graphics and cute heroes, the game will be loved by gamers of all ages.

Clan & Conquest will be available very soon.

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Crown Masters

Crown Masters is a side-scroller three-way defense game with a collectible card-based system for unit deployments. Players are tasked to defend their castle’s forward towers while at the same time destroy the enemy towers to attack their castle. There are three towers in each corridor and players has to strategised on where they deploy their heroes and units. Whichever side destroys the other’s castle first, wins the match.

Crown Masters is one of the games slated for release in a few weeks time.

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Fantasy Tales

Fantasy Tales, from the game developer Captains, is an idle-RPG with jaw-dropping character designs and a combat system never seen in the idle-RPG genre. Featuring unique character designs and action-oriented combat system, players will truly love the game. In addition to the stunning graphics it has to offer, players can form teams and fight their way to the Arena to prove the best player in the game. As with any other idle RPG, the game plays by itself even without an interaction from the player, thus, time is not wasted even during player downtime!

Click here for more information.

The global version of Fantasy Tales can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

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Hello Hero: Epic Battle

From the makers of Hello Hero, a game that topped the charts in 49 countries and played by over 20 million people around the globe, comes its newest installment, Hello Hero: Epic Battle! With over 100 customisable heroes, visually appealing 3D graphics, and amazing gameply, Hello Hero: Epic Battle will surely glue players on their screens as it provides endless enjoyment.

The game also offers Smart Toy figures with exclusive boosts and rewards, an immersive storyline filled with eccentric environments and characters, and the ability to unlock Ultimate skills for each Hero and unleash their true power against their unsuspecting opponents.

For more information about the game, visit our previous article about Hello Hero: Epic Battle, or jump right in by downloading the game from the Google Play store today!

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Joy Planet

With Joy Planet, gamers will have a chance to travel around the world right from their own mobile phones, anytime and anywhere. Joy Planet is a social puzzle game that will surely keep our brains sharp, and train our mind in analysation and solving problems. Rewards are acquired by solving objectives and puzzles, with a major landmark as the grand prize for each region. These landmarks can then be placed in the player’s Joy Planet which their friends can visit. There are currently over 140 puzzle stages in the game and countless of landmarks to acquire!

Joy Planet is now available for both Global and ASEAN players. If your Google account is in the ten ASEAN countries, download it here. Otherwise, get the global version. Do not forget to like the official Joy Planet SEA Facebook Page!

We’ve also looked into Joy Planet previously, check it out here!

MachiKnights; Silent Guardian

MachiKnights; Silent Guardian is a social-network, real-time strategy game aimed at 15 years and older gamers. Players will get to control giant robots for offense and defense. These are massive steam-punk robots with incredible weapons and armour. Online multiplayer matches is available where MachiKnights can battle it out to determine who is the master MachiKnight of all.

MachiKnights; Silent Guardian will be available soon.

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Trade Tycoon

Have you ever wanted to be a millionaire? How about to be a billionaire? Or maybe you want to be an owner of a worldwide conglomerate? Who doesn’t? In Trade Tycoon, your dreams will come true! Features to expect from the game, once available online, are the following:

  • Buy and sell to take in the money
  • Explore the world to find the best bargains, make great deals, and find rare items
  • Build your business empire to grow your fortune
  • Compete against friends and other business magnates, globally
  • Collect the right formulas and materials to create super rare and valuable items
  • Upgrade your deal-making skills to maximize your profits

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From Red Sahara Studio, Velator: Immortal Invasion is a fantasy epic team strategy RPG set in the kingdom of Shunhyte. Velator sets the player to an epic story up to the final battle against the storm of the Immortal. Even with auto-battle options provided, the game engages the player to play manually not just to be immersed by the action combat system but also to rely on their own strategies through timing of skills and party composition.

If your Google account is within the ten ASEAN nations, Velator SEA is already available via Google Play. However, if your Google account is outside of ASEAN, you can check if the Global version is available for you, here.

Like the official Velator SEA Facebook Page today!

What’s Next for Elite Games Expo?

Gamers from Indonesia, prepare, as the Elite Games Expo will be coming to Jakarta next!

Event Gallery


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The Juans

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Elite Games Expo Showcased Nine Mobile Games in the Philippines
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Elite Games Expo Showcased Nine Mobile Games in the Philippines
Elite Games, Inc. and the Gyeonggi Content Agency held the first Elite Games Expo in SM City North EDSA, launching 9 great mobile games from Korea in the Philippines.

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