Dragon Nest II: Legend Trailer


Nexon was one, if not the first, desktop game developer and publisher that started to released mobile versions of their popular games. MapleStory is the first that comes to mind which jumped in our mobile devices.

This time, gamers will be playing Dragon Nest in their Android and iOS devices. Dragon Nest II: Legend is developed by Eyedentity Games and will be published globally by Nexon. To coincide with the Global Game Exhibition G-STAR 2016 in Korea, Nexon released a new teaser trailer.

Dragon Nest II: Legend is a prequel to the desktop MMORG Dragon Nest. It is set 500 years before the events in the origin Dragon Nest game, a more chaotic time period.

No announcements yet on when Dragon Nest II: Legend will start closed beta test or open beta test outside of China and Korea. But definitely put this game into your new mobile games list.

    ‘드래곤네스트2 레전드’ 티저 영상
    ‘드래곤네스트2 레전드’ 티저 영상

    전세계 68개국이 빠져든 스토리액션의 귀환! 너를 기다렸다! 드래곤네스트2 레전드

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