Cyberpunk Action-RPG Disjunction Coming to Steam

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The dystopian underworld Cyberpunk action-RPG Disjunction will launch on Steam this summer, developer Ape Tribe Games announced today. Between Jan. 18 – 20, 2019, the immersive story-driven game will be available to demo at this year’s PAX South in booth #11208.

As an innovative role-playing game, Disjunction follows the lives of three compelling characters as they discover a secret about dystopian New York City that will change the course of their lives forever. The game offers unique mechanics that give players the freedom to play how they want, whether that be going in guns blazing or methodically sneaking around encounters to avoid confrontation.

Each playstyle has real-time, in-game consequences to the story and can even alter each character’s personality. For example, a more murderous, blitz style of gameplay will turn characters more volatile and pessimistic, significantly altering how their narrative plays out.

In 2048, the United States is experiencing natural resource starvation and severe climate change, which have led to massive urbanization, with millions of Americans forced to seek new lives among the sprawls of steel and concrete of America’s cities. With greatly increased crime rates, players must take the vices of New York City into their own hands.


  • 30+ handcrafted non-linear levels
  • 3 unique characters, each with 4 Abilities, 8 Cybernetic Upgrades, and 16 Talents to customize how you want
  • A reactive story where choices have real consequences
  • Beautifully scored music and art design

For more information and news on Disjunction, please visit To check out the game on Steam, please click here.

Cyberpunk Action-RPG Disjunction Coming to Steam
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Cyberpunk Action-RPG Disjunction Coming to Steam
Ape Tribe Games' New York Dystopian-Focused Action-RPG, Disjunction, will launch this summer in Steam with a demo available during PAX South.

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