Development studio S-Game have announced that their post-apocalyptic fantasy RPG Mad Crown, that has been in Steam’s early access program, will receive a full launch in mid-October. Mad Crown is an RPG roguelike that incorporates dungeon crawling, turn-based combat, RPG progression and a card system that works inside and outside of combat.

Mad Crown is a dungeon crawling roguelike RPG set in a dieselpunk world set hundreds of years after humans destroyed the world with nuclear weapons. The nuclear Armageddon awoke god like leviathans from beneath the earth’s surface. After the doomsday battle, a powerful artifact known as the Mad Crown, that was said to hold the power of the gods was lost. Rumors of the Crowns location has surfaced and now adventurers from all over seek to obtain its power.

Players will face off against tough bosses, mutant hordes and the strange creatures in the wastelands of the earth. Using a card deck system for items and abilities, plus utilizing the abilities of each selected class in their party. Players will face challenging tactical combat and dungeon crawling on their quest for ultimate power.

The game has just launched its first localization patch which now has full English and Chinese support with more languages on the way. Mad Crown is available on Steam Early Access now for $9.99 or regional equivalent. S-Crown has stated that the price will not change upon full launch.

About Mad Crown

Mad Crown is a dungeon crawling roguelike RPG set in a dieselpunk post-apocalyptic world. Players will form parties of varied characters and classes and travel a vivid landscape filled with mutants, monsters, and technological wonders.

  • Roguelike elements: Initial level zero setting, penalties for player death, inventory management, survival mechanics.
  • Procedurally generated dungeons
  • In-depth tactical turn-based combat.
  • Card deck system: use items and ability cards inside and outside of combat to your tactical advantage.
  • Vivid art style and scored soundtrack.
  • Adventurers reciprocal rescue! Adventurers can work together to rescue one another
    • If you die other adventurers can reach out to and help retrieve all lost items
    • Join a rescue team to help other adventurers killed in the Ruins and win respect and rewards
  • Witty monster character mechanics.
  • Large enemy variety with multiple strategies.
  • 10 available characters classes.
  • Over 200 items to suit out your party.
  • Challenging levels and special modes

Dieselpunk RPG Roguelike Mad Crown to release in October
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Dieselpunk RPG Roguelike Mad Crown to release in October
This card-carrying, boss fighting, roguelike loving RPG is coming soon.

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