Delta T Augmented Reality MMO Enters Open Beta

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Empower Labs first massively multiplayer online augmented reality game (MMOARG) Delta T has come out of its closed beta test early this morning of the 31st of March 2018 at exactly 02:00 ACT/UTC+8. Now you are wondering what in the world Delta T is and if it is “just another Ingress clone”.

First of all, let’s set the record straight. Niantic‘s Ingress was never the first MMOARG, there was QONQR before it and which is still kicking and earning to this day. Believe it or not, there were other MMOARGs even before QONQR. Thus, labeling other games as “yet another Ingress clone” is incorrect and unfair. With that out of the way…

What is Delta T?

Delta T is an augmented reality MMOG. Or putting it another way, Delta T is a GPS or location-based game which requires an active Internet connection to play. Developed by game studio Empower Labs, India's first augmented reality game developer, this much-awaited ARG is sure to change the MMOARG landscape.

In this game, players are called timekeepers. They work for one of four megacorps to ensure the temporal war that has engulfed the world would not mean humanity’s permanent end. Timekeepers use the Delta T technology to harness the technologies from these four megacorps from the future to reshape the past and the future, you know, their past is our present, and our future is their present… relativity. It’s either we keep them from destroying the world or help them succeed in winning the temporal war.

The Story Thus Far…

The year is 2050, the Megacorps hold complete political and economic power. They have overthrown governments and control the world amongst themselves. A great war looms on the horizon, the rift between the Megacorps threatens to end civilization. The only way out is to end this war before it even begins.

A cabal of renegade scientists have created the Delta T framework, capable of influencing the String Network and transmitting information back in time. The framework alters the very source code of the universe, gives us a chance to avert this collision course. It gives us the tools to alter our future.

We have been entrusted to be the Timekeepers, the battle for the future will be fought in our days.

The Megacorps

There are four (4) megacorps in Delta T, with their unique and interesting identifying logos and colours.

Gene X

Gene X was founded by microbiologist Natasha Roy in Hyderabad, India. They owned the colour blue as it represents life, the core of their R&D being the human DNA. Through genetic engineering, it is believed that humanity will be able to survive anything by having adjusted our core “programming” that defines our strengths and weaknesses.

The completion of the second Human Genome Project (HGP II) in 2045 gave researchers a treasure trove of information on studying possible mutations. The script of human evolution and genetic mutation was finally decoded in an Olympian endeavour that spanned three decades. Founded by Natasha Roy the famed Indian microbiologist in 2047, Gene X is intent on mutating the human genome to expedite the pace of Darwinian evolution. The enhanced genome will create a race of human progeny that can survive any apocalyptic event.

Nyoko Labs

In Osaka, Japan, can be located the headquarters of Nyoko Labs by Takashi Noma. They are experts in bringing in the wonders of nanotechnology to the world. They believe that through nanotechnology, humanity can become immortals by leveraging the self-healing and repair that nanotech can bring to man. They identify with the green colour, which that represents renewal, freshness, long-life.

Manipulating the building blocks of the universe is now well within man’s reach. The advances of nanotech herald a brand new way of life. The applications of nanotech in Medicine, Human Enhancement, and Engineering are endless. It seems ‘thinking small’ is the key to changing our future. Founded by Takashi Noma the Japanese futurist in 2043, Nyoko labs is harnessing the power of nanotech to combat our imminent extinction. The fate of the human race lies in the balance.


People who does not want to have anything to do with genetic engineering and infusing our bodies with nanotechnology only have two other places to turn to, one is by colonising other planets. This is what its founder, Allen Maverick believes in, having worked with NASA himself, the future of humanity lies out there, in the final frontier. Their chosen colour is that of gold. It represents our own star, Sol, the only type of star that can sustain humanity.

Space Exploration took off in early 2020 once Rover III set up the first electrolysis experiment to extract oxygen from the Martian atmosphere. For the very first time in human history, it seems that the only thing that inhibits us from setting up a colony on Mars is the man and the motivation to get us there. Founded by Allen Maverick, ex-NASA scientist, who pioneered the 2040 rover X missions. Cosmostellar believes a mass exodus to Mars is the only way to preserve mankind.


Cristoph Russell’s Humanoid is actually a faction in this temporal war that believes being one with machines is the missing dynamic in our humanity. Through cybernetic augmentation, humanity can become a superior bionic race and survive extinction level disasters of any kind. Or, cyborgs, if you prefer. The colour that they chose to represent themselves is purple. A colour that truly displays the unity of humanity and machines. The life of our souls with the coldness of metals.

Mankind has always been fascinated with becoming ‘Godlike’. Improving on God’s creation seems well within the reach of man with the evolution of bionic implants. Humanoid was founded in 2042 by Cris Russel, the German tech tycoon and inventor of the first weaponized exoskeleton. Humanoid is convinced that the predicament of the human race is in its obstinate refusal to become one with machine kind. Only the evolved cybernetic human will survive eventual extinction.

Temporal War

There is a war. A war where the battlefield is time and the frontlines are anywhen. The future megacorps and the renegade scientists who developed the Delta T technology wants to change their past for their own image and likeness. That past they are changing is our present.

By extending their war in our present, for good or for ill, they have given us the keys to shape our future-their present. The world need timekeepers. Tasked to work independently or in groups, for their own or in-concert with others in other megacorps, to end the war or to pick a victorious megacorp. Their past and our future is in your hands. Are you just going to sit idly by?

There is no good, no evil, only time … and it is running out.

Delta T is available today for Android only at Google Play. iOS users will have to wait for a few more days. Be sure to also join the all Megacorp Delta-T Philippines chat or pick Gene X by joining the Gene X Philippines Community.

Images from Delta T by Empower Labs.

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Delta T Augmented Reality MMO Enters Open Beta
Article Name
Delta T Augmented Reality MMO Enters Open Beta
The much awaited Delta T Augmented Reality MMO from India finally opened its doors to the public! The only ARG where player's feedback truly matters in its development has arrived.

CC BY-SA 4.0 Delta T Augmented Reality MMO Enters Open Beta by gameshogun™ 🎲 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at Legal Notice.

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