Guild Software, creators of the multi-platform Space MMORPG Vendetta Online, have created a new cross-platform benchmark product, using the assets and engine of their long-running game. “VendettaMark 2018” allows a single unified CPU and GPU test to be run and compared between Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and soon iOS (release to follow in a few weeks).

“We’re excited to release VendettaMark 2018, we hope it will prove an invaluable tool for comparing the performance of different systems and devices,” said John Bergman, CEO of Guild Software. “Given the increased capabilities of modern mobile devices, and the shrinking form-factor of PCs, it will become critical to be able to directly compare them, regardless of their microprocessor architecture or operating system.”

VendettaMark users may optionally submit their benchmark results, and dig deeply into their performance data via the VendettaMark website, allowing them to see the graphed measurements of individual frame performance over time. Additional features will be rolled out on the website in the future.

The new unified benchmark provides a significant stress test for many mobile devices, while still providing a meaningful measurement for modern gaming desktops. The usage of engine, assets, and recordings of an actual game helps keep the results grounded in the “real-world” of gaming usage.

More information can be found on the VendettaMark home site.

Cross-Platfrom VendettaMark Benchmark Released by Guild Software
Article Name
Cross-Platfrom VendettaMark Benchmark Released by Guild Software
Multi-platform VendettaMark benchmark software is now available, for Android, Linux, Mac, Windows, to measure gaming devices.

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