Developer Titan Studios just released an all new underground map mode for Creative Destruction “holey battle” which adds an entire map underneath the world for players to explore and fight in. Following the successful content updated, Titan Studios is happy to announce the game had breached the 20 million downloads mark following a huge streaming event over the weekend that landed the game number 4 on Twitch.

The cross platform game isn’t done yet though, as Titan Studios are pleased to announced all new content coming to both the mobile and PC versions of the game:

  • Soccer Royale 2.0 Version – coming Nov. 15th

    The classic battle royale mode is embedded with soccer concept, where players team up as a football team with different roles, and score as high as possible. Players can still shoot, build, open airdrops and chests as always during the game, while they can also enjoy a fresh experience of scoring in a battle royale arena.

  • Medal Mode 2.0 Version – coming Nov. 29th

    Shoot Your Way, Win Your Medal! Collect medals in battle! Player’s rank is determined by the number of medals collected when the match finishes. Players can return to the match after being eliminated, but they will lose half of their medals when eliminated. To add more fun, the Coke Propeller and Springboard can help players move freely throughout the match.

Everything is destructible in “Holey Battle”, and a wealth of building elements awaits players beneath the surface. Players will be guided to these underground treasures by beams of light radiating through the surface of the map. Players who dig into the depths will gain a special ability allowing them to return to the surface.

Featuring superior compatibility, Creative Destruction combines fully destructible terrain, innovative game modes, and whacky weapons in the battle royale formulæ. PC, iOS and Android players can explore, survive, destroy, and dig into the underground in this fast-paced sandbox survival battle royale now on Steam, iOS, and Android.

About Creative Destruction

  • Creative Destruction infuses sandbox crafting and exploration with battle royale elements in a cartoon style destructible world.
  • Multiple Game Modes
  • Cross-platform play
  • Massive HD 4×4 HD map
  • 13 different enchanted lands
  • Build, break, or defend with the unique workshop system
  • Unlock TPS or FPS mode
  • Survive in a fast-paced 100 player deathmatch
  • Fun and wacky weapons to shoot such as flamethrowers and bowling bombs
Creative Destruction Reaches 20 Million Downloads, Announces 2 New Modes
Article Name
Creative Destruction Reaches 20 Million Downloads, Announces 2 New Modes
Developer Titan Studios just released an all new underground map mode for Creative Destruction "holey battle" which adds a new map underneath!

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