Cherry Credits, a Singapore-based MMORPG publisher together with Shanda Games, a leading online game developer from China, has announced the South-East Asia pre-signup for Conquera, with exclusive in-game rewards!

Conquera is the South-East Asian name for the award-winning MMORPG, The Legend of Mir: Eternal. Highly popular in Korea and China, especially for fans of Wuxia-style games, not to mention, based on the hugely successful and multi-awarded Legend of Mir franchise.

With a gamestyle reminiscent of Diablo and Neverwinter Nights, players will explore the continent of Maia, a world filled with rich lore, dangerous enemies, and where only the strong and ruthless survives. Characters in Conquera are one of the famed Dragonguard, an elite fighting force that continously repel the orc armies of the tyrannical Lord Warmor.

There are three available classes players can choose from–Warrior, Mage, and Priest. Each class have their own unique skill progression trees, customisable and upgradable weapons and armour. In later content updates, additional classes will be introduced to help players in their quests.

Conquera or The Legend of Mir: Eternal, as it is known in China, is an isometric Wuxia-style fantasy game running on Unreal 3 game engine. It is an open-world PvP game and thus, players are highly encouraged to group together.

Guild Features

The game also comes with full-scale guild wars where thousands of players can battle to know which guild is the strongest. There are currently three features exclusive for guilds–King of the Hill, Saback Battle, and Guild Wars.

In Guild Battle, guilds must be at least level 5. In Saback Battle, guilds have have to emerge triumphant over the other participating guilds in controlling Saback City, with the Guild Master of the winning guild becoming the Lord of Saback. And then there is the Saback Tournament where only the Top 32 Guilds in compat power (who registered) will have a chance to determine who indeed is the strongest of all guilds.

This was made possible thanks to the power of the Unreal 3 game engine.

Special Events

There are various events built into the game that will keep players challenged and earn great rewards. These events happen on a daily and weekly basis, with varying times and requirements. Some of the events are the Arachnid Hallway, The Lair, Lobby of Cleansing, Wanted Quest, Benthic, Pavilion of Devils, Experience Arena, and Royal Treasury, to mention a few.


Its upcoming South-East Asian release will feature English, Vietnamese, and Mandarin localisations, with a dedicated community support from Cherry Credits. Hailed as one of the best online PC Games of 2016, Conquera is set to conquer the region.

Players can sign-up for the Open Beta by visiting and are encouraged to like the official Facebook Page.

Conquera, The Legend of Mir, Comes to Southeast Asia
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Conquera, The Legend of Mir, Comes to Southeast Asia
Get ready for Conquera, the multi-awarded, Unreal 3 engine-powered "Legend of Mir: Eternal" as it open its Open Beta sign-up!

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