Combat Arms: Reloaded New Mode: Tag of Wars

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VALOFE, which develops and services Combat Arms Reloaded is celebrating the 2nd anniversary of Combat Arms from transforming to Reloaded, and will unveiled the new mode: Tag of Wars on May 29.

New Mode: TAG of WARS, Is the new Team Death Match game where you will get a dog tag if you kill an enemy. Prevent enemy from winning by getting the fallen allies dog tag and prevent the enemy team from getting the points.

In this new mode, players can get ‘Snow Tiger MG 36’ as a CGS REWARD.

In the meantime, VALOFE also updates ‘General Combat’, Pure Combat and Fire team UI change and improved. Additionally, there is a lot of events and rewards for this update and 2nd Anniversary of Combat Arms Reloaded.

We are also introducing the new character Battle Girl Mika, a special secret agent in japan. Battle Girl Mika looks exactly an ordinary high school girl but don’t be fooled.

Along Side of Battle Girl Mika, is the addition of Japanese Language in the game as one of the supported language.

You can check the detail of this upcoming update on the official VALOFE web page.

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Combat Arms: Reloaded New Mode: TAG of WARS
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Combat Arms: Reloaded New Mode: TAG of WARS
Combat Arms: Reloaded by Valofe, gets a new mode in this latest update to the game, as it celebrates its 2nd year anniversary!

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