Clash of Kings, Facebook’s 2015 Game of the Year


A few days ago, Facebook announced the winners of their annual Games of the Year awards. For this year, 2015, the honor goes to Clash of Kings by ELEX (China). This was after the company launched the game on Facebook by building their web-version from the ground up. This helped CoK to attract a staggering 50 million new players worldwide from both their Facebook platform to their cross-platform mobile versions.

Clash of Kings won, not only because it is a great online strategy game but because according to their press release, there were over 1.55 billion monthly users who were discussing the game. Secondly, Facebook also analyzed other considerations, such as, a game’s retention rate, level of player engagement, etc., based on its over 450 million people who play games on Facebook or connect to games via Facebook on mobile devices and consoles every month.

The people behind the largest social network platform felt that ELEX made the right move in rebuilding CoK from the scratch, to not only be much friendlier across multiple platforms but to also ease social integration and find success in the international market.

Having played this game for months, and spent money as well, I agree that Clash of Kings deserve to be named Facebook’s 2015 Game of the Year. If you are a Filipino gamer and you have not tried it yet, you are missing a lot. Don’t worry, there numerous Filipino players in the game, clans too, competing with our neighbors for control of each “kingdom” (or server), who in turn invades their neighboring kingdoms/servers.

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Source: Clash of Kings, ELEX press release, dated 2015-12-11.

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