CivilizationEDU Coming to High Schools Near You


Games are always painted in a very bad light by parents (read: Is being a gamer a sign of immaturity?) and used by politicians to gain votes. A representative said back in 2006, What positive values could we get from games whose main objective is to invade a territory, destroy a military base, and fight-off zombies with blazing guns and tanks? Soon we will be producing adults who are war-freak and utak-pulbura [violent] who will approach their daily problems with the mindset of a warrior or a terminator. (Read: Gamers Will Soon Become War-Freak Adults)

We also heard that we can not learn skills we will need in life and in getting hired by playing games.

DOTA, or any role-playing game for that matter, may be fun, but it won’t be able to teach you the skills you need for your first job, or for higher education. Treat it for what it is – an addictive game … play DOTA or any RPG in moderation.

They champion the negative — Game Addiction, but not the positive — Responsible Gaming. Are games useless and gamers will soon become war-freak adults?

Here is yet another game that disproves the claim of parents and politicians. A game that will soon become part of the US education system so their kids, future leaders of their country, will develop the necessary knowledge and skills to survive in this harsh world and possibly usher in a new golden age for humanity.

Welcome CivilizationEDU.

Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc., 2K, and Firaxis Games announced at the 13th Annual Games for Change Festival a partnership with GlassLab Inc., a non-profit learning company, to bring a modified version of Sid Meier’s Civilization V to high schools in North America in the fall of 2017.

Sid Meier’s Civilization V, developed by Firaxis Games, has sold more than 8 million units worldwide. It was one of the most critically acclaimed PC games fo 2010, and has earned numerous awards and accolades. With CivilizationEDU, students will have the opportunity to think critically and create their own historical events and evaluate the geographical ramifications of their economic and technological decisions. They will also be able to engage in systems thinking and experiment with the causal/correlative relationships between military, technology, political, and socio-economic development.


  • Analytics engine, to capture the students’ progress and assess their problem-solving skills
  • Online dashboard for teachers
    • Reports on students’ progress, demonstrating how in-game accomplishments relate to problem solving
    • Developer diaries
    • Gameplay tutorial videos
    • Instructional resources
    • In-depth gameplay guide
    • Lesson plans aligned to academic and 21st century standards

“We are incredibly proud to lend one of our industry’s most beloved series to educators to use as a resource to inspire and engage students further,” said Strauss Zelnick, Chairman and CEO of Take-Two. “Civilization has challenged millions of people around the world to revisit and experience history, pursue boldly exploration, and create their own societies based on their passions and freedom of choice. I can’t think of a better interactive experience to help challenge and shape the minds of tomorrow’s leaders.”

“For the past 25 years, we’ve found that one of the fun secrets of Civilization is learning while you play,” added Sid Meier, Founder and Director of Creative Development at Firaxis Games. “We’ve always focused on entertainment first, but we believe that our players — yound and old — enjoy learning, even if they don’t always enjoy education. Civilization players find fun in discovering new civilizations, running into famous historical leaders, and charting their own version of human history. Along the way, players learn valuable lessons from their success and failures and are able to try again, employing different choices and strategies. We’re absolutely thrilled to be partnering with GlassLab and I am excited to see CivilizationEDU in classrooms next year.”

“Education today too often focuses on what can be measured, rather than what young people need to know. CivilizationEDU is a perfect example of how games can be used to teach and assess key 21st century skills that are hard to measure on multiple-choice tests,” said Connie Yowell, CEO of Collective Shift and its global learning movement LRNG, which is merging with GlassLab. “We’re thrilled to offer CivilizationEDU as part of GlassLab’s collection of games for next generation learning. This beloved game is an important addition to the rich learning resources the LRNG ecosystem offers online, in classrooms, and through the commmunities that are participating in the LRNG Cities movement.”

“Video games are today’s most dynamic and compelling art form in the world, and its ability to captivate and engage audiences of all ages is unparalleled,” concluded Michael D. Gallagher, President and CEO of Entertainment Software Association. “Our industry defines the intersection of creativity and technology, and we are increasingly finding unique ways in which we can transcend entertainment to enhance our society for the long-term. The potential influence of CivilizationEDU in the American classroom is another illustration of that promise.”

CivilizationEDU will be available for download next year, 2017, from partners Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, SMS Tech Solutions, Edmodo, and, in addition to other distributors. More information can be found from the official website of GlassLab at

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CivilizationEDU Coming to Schools Near You
Article Name
CivilizationEDU Coming to Schools Near You
CivilizationEDU is coming to further prove that games are useful tools to teach kids and learn useful life-long skills.

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