Civilization VI: Rise and Fall – First Look: Korea


Get a first look of one of nine civilizations coming in the expansion Civilization VI: Rise and Fall. In this teaser video, we are presented with Queen Seondeok, the queen of Silla (Korea) as she establish her queendom and her people as a force to be reckoned with.

Long before Seondeok was crowned Qqueen of Silla, legends tell of her bing incredibly clever. That insightfulness made her a diplomat to be respected and a strategist to be feared. With no male successors, Seondeok became the rightful heir after King Jinpyeong’s death in 632. This lead to infighting and some outright rebellions. All the while, she still set about major projects to improve the lives of the Sillan people.

Unique Features of Korea

District: Seowon

Replacing the Campus district, the Seowon is home to many academic endeavors. Built into the hills, they functioned as both Confucian shrines and scenic preparatory schools in 16th Century Korea.

Unit: Hwacha

The hwacha is an unassuming two-wheeled cart, but this mobile ballista was deadly in the defense of Korea. A hwacha could launch a hundred rocket arrows against distant targets in seconds. Or, with a changeable module, fire off 200 Chongtong bullets.

Civ Ability: Three Kingdoms

Korea’s unique ability is called “Three Kingdoms” and to make the most of it, be sure to build mines and farms adjacent to a Seowon. Mines receive bonus science and farms will yield bonus food from this placement.

Leader Ability: Hwarang

Seondeok improved the lives of her subjects through education. Take advantage of that with Hwarang. It grants players a bonus to both science and culture in all cities with an established governor.

Civilization VI: Rise and Fall – First Look: Korea
Civilization VI: Rise and Fall – First Look: Korea

Get a first look at the Korean civilization and its leader, Queen Seondeok, one of nine new leaders in the Civilization VI: Rise and Fall expansion. SUBSCRIBE for First Looks at other civs, leaders, features and tips from the developers of Civilization VI

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