Chess Rush Launches 4v4 Mode

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Tencent Games is excited to announce that Squad Clash 4v4 mode has arrived. The newest mode to be added to the auto battler will allow players to team up with three of their friends and take on other teams of four from around the globe. As the first auto battler to feature a 4v4 mode, Chess Rush is bringing new features such as teammate reinforcement to bring fresh gameplay for fans.

Having already released co-op mode in which players team up with a friend and have to best three other co-op teams in order to claim victory in the match. With the introduction of 4v4 mode, players will now grab three of their friends to form their team and battle it out against another team of four from anywhere around the world on the global server. While other auto battlers have also featured co-op 2v2v2v2 modes, Chess Rush will be the first to implement 4v4 mode with Squad Clash.

While Squad Clash mode is active it will replace the standard co-op mode for two weeks. The two modes will continue to be available to players on a two-week rotation. When playing in a team in 4v4 mode, players will be able to bolster their teammates with the teammate reinforcement feature, creating unique opportunities for players and their party members to make strategic and tactical moves in order to take out their opponents.

Chess Rush is available now on iOS and Android as well as n PC via Gameloop players can join up with friends for Squad Clash and can check out the latest characters, all-new gameboards and the newest heroes Stinger and Glutton now. For the latest updates, tutorials, and rewards visit the game on Facebook or Twitter. Chess Rush fans can also discuss strategy and tactics by visiting the official Reddit or by joining the official Discord server. For more information on Chess Rush visit the official site here.

A list of features include:

  • Over 50 heroes to choose from to build your ultimate formation
  • Level up heroes by combining three of the same and gain Affinity Bonuses to equip your heroes with items
  • Compete on an 8×8 board
  • Battle against 7 other opponents to be King of the Board
  • Play standard mode or quick 10+ minutes matches in Turbo Mode
  • Compete with your friends and take on other teams in co-op mode or 4v4 mode

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Chess Rush Launches 4v4 Mode
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Chess Rush Launches 4v4 Mode
Gather friends and take on other squads from around the globe in Chess Rush's new Squad Clash 4v4 mode!

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