Celebrate the First Anniversary of Defiance 2050!

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The gamigo group celebrates the first anniversary of the Sci-Fi MMO shooter Defiance 2050 with the 99 Problems Event and a fully packed content update. The update is available for PC/PS4/Xbox One, across all regions.

In addition to an updated engagement mechanic that provides players with daily rewards for participating in the event, culminating in the availability of a high-powered prototype weapon, the anniversary update includes the following new elements:

  • Arkfall with a new boss for players to fight against
  • Event will run for 4 weeks 
  • Arkfall spawn that will provide players with new loot
  • New weapons
  • New Mod Fusion
  • New Synergy
  • New MTX items for sale in the Defiance store

More information about the MMO shooter Defiance 2050 and the 99 Problems Event can be found on the official website.

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Celebrate the First Anniversary of Defiance 2050!
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Celebrate the First Anniversary of Defiance 2050!
Celebrate the first anniversary of Sci-Fi MMO Shooter, Defiance 2050 today with 99 Problems Event and new content!

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