Bublar announces closed beta release of Otherworld Heroes

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Augmented reality gaming studio Bublar today announces that the closed beta version of Otherworld Heroes is now live. Otherworld Heroes is a location-based augmented reality massively multiplayer online role-playing game for iOS and Android. The closed beta will start early April (Q2) in 2019.

Set in a beautifully designed fantasy world, your tribe has come under attack byalien-like monsters and it’s your quest to defeat them. Select your hero and adventure across the Otherworlds, a magical realm that exists in ​parallel to ​our real-world.

Using the latest AR technology you can immerse yourself in this new world,embarking on epic quests, crafting weapons, and unlocking skills as you progress.You can customise your character and develop your own unique identity. Get active and play at your own pace.

Experience exciting battles, explore new places and meet amazing new friends in this free-to-play epic quest. Defeat ugly creatures with intuitive one-touch gameplay, join friends on the map and work together to overthrow evil while restoring peace in the Otherworlds.

“What makes Otherworld Heroes really stand out is our focus on cooperative gameplay on the map, where players will be able to jump in and out of combat to defeat monsters as a team, making every battle into a social experience,” says Magnus Granqvist, Bublar’s CEO.

Otherworld Heroes’ has a detailed soundscape perfectly composed for the adventure ahead. The breath-taking soundtrack adds to the enjoyment. You willenjoy the rustling leaves of the autumn forest, hear the ice cracking beneath your feet, then feel the roar of the great Wurms.

“We’re hoping to create high engagement by adding features such as PvP arena tournaments, capturing and taming wild pets, plus even more ways to engage with players on a social level,” says Wictor Hattenbach, Game Studio Director at Bublar.

Otherworld Heroes has been produced by Bublar Group AB (publ), an innovator in AR mobile game experiences. Bublar’s proprietary platform blends AR with geolocation to create immersive mobile games and experiences with MMO-functionalities.

Otherworld Heroes is the studio’s latest and most advanced release, using the latest technology in the coolest ways for gamers.

Sign-up for the Closed Beta today!

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Bublar announces closed beta of Otherworld Heroes
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Bublar announces closed beta of Otherworld Heroes
A new augmented reality game has entered closed beta, Bublar's Otherworld Heroes promises the latest AR technology and lots of fun!

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