It’s now “Blizzard”

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In a post today, Blizzard Entertainment has decided to settle the branding of their online game network once-and-for-all. Remember last year when they renamed into simply Blizzard? A very confusing brand rename but equally understandable if you have worked in marketing. But to the rest of us, had an identity crisis.

Blizzard Entertainment has been known by “Blizzard” since their WarCraft franchise launched, which was followed by StarCraft and Diablo. It became a household name in gaming. It is only proper to have their online game network be called by the name they’re popular with, “Blizzard”, but they only did this last year.

Last year when itself has become a well-established brand especially after integrating it with World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, and Diablo III. The change to simply “Blizzard” is too late; add to the fact that the service’s domain name and website remained as-is,!

Today, the company finally decided to bring back the brand we have known their online game network for,, with a small but equally profound change. The service is now known as Blizzard A good compromise and a common path when one wants to established ownership of another brand.

But who cares, right? We, gamers, will forever refer to it as We know Blizzard owns it.

Check out the official announcement here: Blizzard Update.

Image a screenshot of the new “Blizzard” logo.

It's now "Blizzard"
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It's now "Blizzard"
Blizzard Entertainment has finally decided on the branding of "" after a year of 'identity crisis' for their game network.

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