Blizzard Announces World of Warcraft Classic

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A World of Warcraft vanilla server is a major request from pre-Cataclysm fans of Blizzard Entertainment‘s highly-successful MMORPG. It has become a heated battle between the company and illegal private server operators for years now.

Thus, it is no surprise, after all the drama in 2016 and early this year, that Blizzard Entertainment finally agreed to officially host a World of Warcraft vanilla server. They call it World of Warcraft Classic, where the maximum level is 60, battlegrounds take hours to finish (Alterac Valley for example), and players have to work for their gear. Yes, Classic is bringing back the good old days when World of Warcraft was very challenging and fun.

Watch the video trailer below:

World of Warcraft Classic Announcement
World of Warcraft Classic Announcement

Get ready for a trip through time as a classic server option is coming to World of Warcraft.

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