Battle Royale Arrives in Warface

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In a new update, global publisher, introduces the all-new Battle Royale mode in its popular online shooter game, Warface, together with countless of new weapons, camos, and a shiny new rank for players.

Warface players will face off against fifteen opponents in the new Battle Royale mode. As the name suggests, it is a free-for-all combat arena where there can be only be one victor. It combines Warface’s largest PvP map to date with more than 70 different weapons and equipment for players to discover and adapt to the mayhem.

The scenario. When players join the Battle Royale, they are dopped into the middle of the Mojave Desert with only themselves. No weapons or any other items. They have to run and find various crates hidden across the desert before the other players that they can use to elimate others. There are also preiodical airdrops with more valuable caches, which can mean doom to the slow ones, or doom to the fast ones, depending of course to the strategy of all involved.

However, here’s the twist of this combat arena. As the match progresses, the available territory decreases. Invisible borders are compressed around the figthers, killing everything left behind them. Thus hiding and patiently waiting for opponents to kill each other may not work, unless the player can take advantage of all the map features available coupled with their strategies.

The game’s developer, Crytek, has painstakingly crafted the Battle Royale mode to combine the special atmosphere of tis survival warfare with Warface’s original gameplay. During the first weeks of the update, the developer will actively collect feedback from players to determine its future development.

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There are also other updates like the new powerful Desert Tech MDR-C, a bullpup SMG produced by a US-based company which features a comfortable recoil, fast reloading, and increased damage. Watch out for this as this weapon has been proven to have a better chance of penetrating hard helmets, even with a silencer attached to it (which is known to reduce the power of a weapon).

Weapon skins such as the Desert camo, the Karkom Desert, and the Jungle skin were also added into the game, and a new 88th rank for players. All these in addition to the continuous security features implemented.

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Battle Royale Arrives in Warface
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Battle Royale Arrives in Warface
In a new major update, Crytek and, brings Battle Royale in Warface. A free-for-all deathmatch arena where only one must survive!

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