Autumn Season Arrives in Life is Feudal: MMO

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When it comes to sandbox MMORPGs, one feature that completes the immersion is the changing weather. True, some themepark MMORPGs have a weather system but it ends there.

A feature that is lacking in most MMORPGs is a changing weather system. True, some themepark MMORPGs have this implemented in one way or another but it ends there — it has no effect in the environment, the NPCs, and the player characters.

This is what makes sandbox games, and in particular, sandbox MMORPGs exciting, and Life is Feudal: MMO implemented these features perfectly. Here’s what it looks like in the game when it is the autumn season.

Life is Feudal: MMO will begin its open beta on the 17th of November 2017. Learn how you can get a key today.

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Autumn Comes to Life is Feudal: MMO
Autumn Comes to Life is Feudal: MMO

See the weather system in action in this Life is Feudal: MMO teaser trailer featuring the autumn season.

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