AuditionSEA Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year Events Now Live!

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Asiasoft, the publisher of the longest running MMODG AuditionSEA, has pushed its latest content patch “Mascot” together with ten (10) new songs and two special events!

Asiasoft‘s AuditionSEA is available for dancers and dance crews in Singapore and Malaysia, and it has been around far longer than AuditionPH and Audition Global. In today’s “Mascot” patch, players will now be able to have pets in the game as side-kicks called Mascots. >These Mascots has be fed, dressed up, and play with, through a variety of items available in the Item Store.

120 new avatars were also added in this patch! If that was not enough, there are ten (10) new songs available in AuditionSEA‘s already excellent playlist!

  • Finesse by Bruno Mars
  • Rewrite The Stars by Zac Efron & Zendaya
  • Until The Day by JJ Link
  • THe Chaos After You by Eric Chou
  • As You Like It by Eve
  • Tell Me by INFINITE
  • Bboom BBoom by MOMOLAND
  • Shinin by JongHyun
  • Shinshyun Motivation by Nico Nico Utaites
  • Winter Session by HoneyWorks Tokyo


Congratulations to the winners of our Licence of Love event, xRinigo & –xRinchigo!

The couple of 9 years shared an…

Posted by AuditionSEA on Tuesday, 13 February 2018

AuditionSEA also announced the winners of the Valentine’s Day competition and these are Gavin and Erica, who goes by XRINIGO & -XRINCHIGO in the game. Their 9-year story was beautiful and an inspiration for everyone, especially when both have met in the game simply enjoying their favourite dance game.

Posted by AuditionSEA on Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Tomorrow, the 15th of February is SAD. Not that kind of SAD rather its Single Awareness Day event. Single players (in-game that is, not real-life), will be matched together and the most interesting profiles will be voted on by the community. The winners will receive 2x Golden Village tickets and a sought-after AuditionSEA pillow, and other mystery items.

To top it off, the Chinese New Year event is running, which is a refer-a-friend E-greeting promotion. By simply inviting friends to play AuditionSEA, players will receive a special in-game reward.

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AuditionSEA Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year Events Now Live!
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AuditionSEA Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year Events Now Live!
Asiasoft's dance battle game, AuditionSEA, announced the availability of pets in the game as well as the winner of the Valentine's Day content. The Mascot patch also includes hundreds of new avatars and ten new songs, including two new events!

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