Atlantica Online Major Update!

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Let’s start the year with a bang! VALOFE is proud to present these amazing major updates for Atlantica Online! Join us as VALOFE celebrates Atlantica Online’s 11th anniversary event on January 2019 along with its new updates, exciting events, and awesome giveaways prepared for everyone!

Return of the Mentor System!

With the return of the Mentor System, new and veteran adventurers will have more benefits on helping each other. Allowing quality gaming experience for our future champions, explore and take an adventure to the surface world with more experienced players!

Level Cap Awakening!

Starting January 10 2019, you can now level past 180 and level up further! Prepare your heroes for a new chapter of PvP Arena, Raids and maps that will test you and your mercenaries’ mettle!

The time has come, unleash the power and get ready to ascend to the top! Break the limit!

Level 170 Unlocked!

Fortify your HERO with the release of the 170 talents! Clash with other heroes and determine who’s the strongest with the new available 13 talents to choose from!

What talents awaits the main heroes to unlock their max potential? It is for you to find out!

New PvP Mode: Chaos Ladder!

Chaos Ladder PvP! A new PvP system which equipment difference is not an issue! Take your foe head to head, sword to sword with pure skill, formation and strategy. Show us what you got!

Atlantica’s 11th Anniversary Special!

Birthday Event blast! On January 2019, Atlantica will turn 11 years old! Time flies isn’t it?

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who loved and supported Atlantica Online for 11 years and for more years to come!

We have prepared an awesome event for everyone! Gather your friends, townies, guildies and nation mates and lets all play together!

What are you waiting for? Join us now and register to receive awesome giveaways that will help you to your journey!

Visit the official website for the NA and EU, or follow the official Facebook Page (NA; EU) for more information.

Atlantica Online Major Update!
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Atlantica Online Major Update!
A major update to Atlantica Online has arrived to celebrate the New Year 2019! Check out what's new and what's in!

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