Ashes of Creation Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage

Reactive World recent Sandbox Video

Intrepid Studios has released the first pre-alpha game play footage of the sandbox MMORPG Ashes of Creation. This is a game where the design philosophy behind it is to bring back everything that is fantastic about online games.

Players and critics alike has to understand that this first gameplay footage is from the pre-alpha version of Ashes of Creation, and we believe that we are lucky enough to see such a video at this early stage of the game’s development. It is constantly changing and thus, what it in this video can and may very well be obsolete by the time you watch it.

In this video, the featured class is a mage that heads out for her early morning adventure among some undiscovered ruins with her knightly companions. If you have years of experience testing games at this stage, you will notice that the UI is obviously a placeholder, a very important part of a player’s experience that gets the most attention.

Ashes of Creation Highlights

Here are some important features of Intrepid StudiosAshes of Creation.

  • Nodes

    …is a unique take on the MMOG experience. The world structure of Ashes of Creation is dynamic and built to react to the actions of the players. Cities will rise and fall, the populations will based on the history of the world as players create it. Quests unlocks as players develop (or destroy) these nodes. More about it in our post: Ashes of Creation, first Reactive World MMORPG.

  • Caravans

    The caravan system revolves around opportunity and risk. Caravans facilitate the transfer of goods for players wishing to turn a profit. Initiating a caravan from once city to another will create a caravan that players will need to defend while it moves along its route to the selected destination. These caravans create a statis PvP with the defenders and attempt to destroy the caravans in order to loot the content. These caravans are integral in city development.

  • An Ever Changing World

    In Ashes of Creation, the world changes on a regular basis. Zones progress in a seasonal cycle which alters the very nature of the environment around the players both visually and mechanically. For example, snow may block paths that are accessible during warmer months. Creatures come out in the open during spring. Fall might be the only time that certain crops thrive. The many different Nodes around the world combined with the seasonal cycle will provide players a unique experience every single time — from NPC availability, boss content, drop tables, Node progression, dungeons, combat, skills, gatherables, and even trade routes. Even the weather can be affected by all these factors (including the actions of players) combined. No boss and dungeon runs will ever be the same again — talk about real planning and flexible strategies.

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    Ashes of Creation - [Pre-Alpha In-Game Footage] - A Mage's life
    Ashes of Creation - [Pre-Alpha In-Game Footage] - A Mage's life

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