Simply put gameshogun is a blog about games, gamers, and gaming by JC John Sese Cuneta, who goes by the penname “Yuki”. A blog that started in 2003 as a personal blog during his stay with Level Up! Games, a GameMaster known as GM-Yukino of Philippine Ragnarok Online. The blog was called Snow World back then.

Not more than a year after he started blogging, Snow World evolved into gameshogun. A few years later, he split-up the non-game related materials from gameshogun and started Snoworld / The Hæven of John, which itself evolved into Tomes of Knowledge, Clean Real Food, techmagus, and One Way to Salvation. What a journey!

gameshogun today is a personal gaming blog. He cover topics mostly about the games that caught his attention and interest. He also post press releases, event announcements, event coverage, and write reviews to mention a few. Additionally, he is also a regular private alpha and beta tester which due to the Non-Disclosure Agreement (“NDA”) that comes with it, he cannot reveal any information about the products he is currently testing.

If you like to contact him for any reason (except spam), please feel free to do so by clicking here.