88 Billion Pokémon Have Been Caught


Are you still playing Pokémon GO? If so, did you know that Trainers from all over the world had walked a total of 4.6 billion kilometers back in September, and you contributed to that?

In a new video, Niantic and Nintendo revealed the latest statistic of the most popular Augmented-Reality Game.

  • On December 7th, Trainers have walked collectively 8.7 billion kilometers. That is more than 200,000 trips around the earth! Here’s the thing, a commercial jetliner would take more than a thousand years to cover the same distance. It is also way beyond the dwarf planet, Pluto, and counting!
  • 88 billion Pokémon have been caught or roughly 533 million per day. The Pokémon Masters from Ash’s planet will probably start a Pokémon Welfare organisation against Earth’s Trainers if they find this one out.

The question I have in mind though is this, did the statistic Niantic provided include the cheaters? If those were not removed in the computation (if that is even possible), this probably is way lower. As we all know, location spoofers in this ARG is a plague, worse than bots in MMOGs.

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    88 Billion Pokémon Have Been Caught
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    88 Billion Pokémon Have Been Caught
    88 Billion Pokémon caught since launch, and more statistics in Niantic's latest video update.

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