NVIDIA, the world’s #1 video card brand and the only choice of gamers, is hosting the first NFAN Pubstomp event in Manila, Philippines this coming 22nd of April. All types of gamers are invited to join the celebration in this another uplifting momentum in gaming. Techies are also welcome as NVIDIA will showcase the latest in th NVIDIA GeForce technology.

Not only that, there will be games, free food, demos, prizes (*hint*NVIDIA*hint*), and meet new gamers and techies alike. Registration is on a first come, first served basis as there is a limited space of a hundred attendees only. Here are the details:


  • What: NVIDIA NFAN Pubstomp
  • When: Friday, 2016-04-22T13:30-18:00
  • Where: The Net.com. TNC Intramuros 3, Room 101 Mezzanine Floor, TCG Herald Bldg., 61 Muralla St., Intramuros, Manila
  • ** Limited to the first 100 registered attendees only **

How to register

  1. Take a photo of your NVIDIA GeForce Experience My Rig (your computer system powered with an NVIDIA GeForce card)
  2. Fill-in this form (NVIDIA website)
  3. Vote for your GeForce GTX notebook of your choice, and you may be able to win it at the event!
  4. Pray that you get picked to attend!


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    NFAN Pubstomp Manila
    NVIDIA, TNC Intramuros 3, located at Rm 101 Mezzanine Flr. TCG Herald Bldg., 61 Muralla St.,Intramuros,Manila
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